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Come to Shiling in November to see the gluttonous feast of leather goods industry.
From: Foshan Nanhai Yi Heng shoe material Co., Ltd. Post date: 2018-10-13

The 15th China (Shiling) Leather Accessories, Digital Printing and Sewing Equipment Exhibition will be held in Shiling Faucet Market from November 30 to December 2.
Known as the "capital of leather goods in China", Shiling Town, Huadu District, Guangzhou City, boasts more than 10,000 leather goods producers and sellers, employs more than 400,000 people, produces more than 600 million pieces of luggage and leather goods annually, accounting for one third of the annual output of leather goods in China. The annual output value of leather goods industry exceeds 10 billion yuan, and the products are sold to 25 provinces in China. Cities, autonomous regions and Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe and America. Shiling - has become China's leather and leather industry chain and even the world's most complete, the most complete set of industrial distribution center with the largest market potential.

With the great advantage of putting Shiling into the third batch of market procurement and trade modes, and the planning and construction of new urbanization with the characteristics of integration of production and city, Shiling will greatly stimulate market vitality, promote the growth of industrial foreign trade and enhance the level of internationalization, thus providing new advantages for participating in international economic cooperation and competition. Potential and vast space.

The development trend of technology innovation and transformation and upgrading in luggage and leather industry is discussed in this paper. Let the professionals participating in the meeting have the opportunity to have close contact with the development trends of the industry, and provide more opportunities for enterprises in the application of new technology, new channel development and cost optimization.

According to incomplete statistics, in the last exhibition attracted 20,000 people from home and abroad to visit and negotiate, accessories and equipment exhibition area transactions amounted to 30 million yuan, has become the most influential industry event. By setting up the exhibition platform, it will help enterprises to understand the latest market information, observe the most advanced high-tech products, provide all-round innovative solutions and professional trade bridges for leather industry, achieve efficient interaction between suppliers and consumers, and also build an efficient platform for import and export traders and purchasers to promote. Guang and enhance corporate image and expand business space to provide a more convenient channel.

The holding of the exhibition will continue to lead the technological innovation of the industry, promote the upgrading of the industrial structure as the concept, take intelligent manufacturing, green development as the carrier, luggage leather processing, raw and auxiliary materials production as the main line, rely on the promotion of new technology and brand building, give full play to the role of market resource allocation and industrial development as a policy-oriented. We will strive to create and enhance the brand effect of "China Leather Capital" and make due contributions to artificial intelligence and driving innovation and development of leather industry.

Warmly welcome customers from home and abroad and people in the industry to attend the exhibition, trade talks and share business opportunities.

Hung Yu Exhibition: 020-85553363

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